ABOUT “Garage Museum”

For local and overseas venture companies, physical distance and travel costs are obstacles to business promotion in all aspects such as development, manufacturing, and sales.
The Garage Museum is a future emergent exhibition hall that aims to solve the problems and to deepen cooperation as a companion who is created by mutual knowledge and creates the future together.

  • Garage Museum
  • Garage Museum
  • Garage Museum
  • Garage Museum
  1. CONCEPT 01

    Experience the technology of Deep Tech ventures

    Experience the future drawn by Deep Tech Ventures through exhibits! Exhibits are constantly updated as development progresses.
  2. CONCEPT 02

    Accelerate collaboration with communicators

    Leave a Nest communicator accelerates business collaboration between venture companies through exhibits.
  3. CONCEPT 03

    Connecting the world as a Deep Tech hub

    As a hub that connects local and global, we will disseminate the future drawn by local and overseas ventures.

The Garage Museum attracts a wide variety of visitors, creating new forms of collaboration that would not normally be possible.

Accelerate collaboration to implement research results
CASE 01 Naturenics Inc.

Accelerate collaboration to implement research results

Implementing innovative battery management technology from Shimane University with collaboration.
Utilized as a place to create corporate collaboration
CASE 02 Challenergy Inc.

Utilized as a place to create corporate collaboration

Exploring the possibility of collaboration by showing demonstrations with actual prototyping.


monthly amount (sum)
Initial cost

Fee per booth (W900 x D600 x H1,750mm); negotiable for exhibits exceeding 1 booth size. Please make a contract of at least 3 months for use.

Ancillary Services

Free-address seating
Free-address seating
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Locker use
Exhibits & Companies
Exhibits & Companies
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Permanent exhibition (max. 23 items)
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