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Where Renaissance of Japanese
“Monozukuri (Manufacturing)” Begins

Center of Garage (CoG) is a unique incubation place where deeptech startups, Japanese Super Factories, and big corporations come together. We provide all the possible supports to accelerate innovation of deeptech startups all over the world. Chemical reaction occur between different stakeholders will lead all the participants to experience Re-Renaissance of Japanese “Monozukuri”. This activity, we believe, contribute a lot in solving problems related to manufacturing in the world.



6 Major Support provided by CoG

1. -Facility Managed by Glocalink-

Facility management is led by Glocalink Inc, a proven angel investor/business accelerator in Japan.
As your escort runner, Glocalink will help you realize making things.

2. -Knowledge Platform provided by Leave a Nest-
➲Leave a Nest

Various services provide by Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. The Knowledge Platform of Leave a Nest connects you to academic researchers, factories, and big corporates based on your needs.
Leave a Nest help your technologies to be implemented to our society.

3. -Manufacturing Support by Super Factory Group-
➲Super Factory Group

All the possible manufacturing support is conducted by “Super Factory Group”, SME type Japanese factories passionate on new business development.
We continuously connect CoG and these factories via webcam to solve your problem sets regarding to making things.

4. -Filed test availability for 4 categories-

In relation to “ResQue” a proposal-based contract research service Organized by Leave a Nest, test field for the following 4 categories
(Agriculture, Biotechnology, Chemistry, and Manufacturing) are available for the residents.
You can do conduct small test experiments.

 5. -Tight connection to International Startup Ecosystem-
Focustech Ventures

Leave a Nest signed MOU with Focustech Ventures, a unique investor/accelerator for seed round deeptech startups in Singapore.
We together incubate international startups, and also actively invite them to Japan.
Maybe you are the one to be invited!

6. -Pitch event each time!-

Resident startups have chance to pitch each time.
We Glocalink and Leave a Nest also invite our partner big corporates as audience.
The event functions as hub spot for each stakeholder to understand each other.

Floor Information

Floor Map

Open 9:00~21:30 (open year round)
Dedicated Rooms 1F: 8rooms(3 rooms available)

2F: 10 rooms(Sold-out)

Hot Desks 70 ppl/room
Closed MTG Rooms 3 rooms (6~ 19 ppl/each room)
⦁ Presentation Room 100m2 Max 70 ppl
Big Storage 84m2
Others 9 Panel-Multi-display, Projector, Screen,  Wireless LAN, Kitchen

Floor at a Glance

Residential Fee for startups

1F Dedicated Rooms : 208,000 JPY/month

2F Dedicated Rooms : Sold-Out

Hot Desk : 15,000 JPY/month

Office Room

18 office rooms are available based on the team’s size. The size of each room is varied from 23.5m² to 55.1m².

 Presentation Room

Presentation room can host 120 ppl at max. We will conduct pitch event every month with our partner companies (Including Leave a Nest & Glocalink’s partners). If you are partnered with CoG, then you can arrange your own event.

 Co-Working Space
You are welcomed by 300m² large coworking space. High ceiling space gives you a calm feeling, and the relaxed mood help you communicate with other residents and partners. We also have 2 closed box-type mtg rooms, and the kitchen space with a huge counter.

Access to CoG

1-16-3 Yokokawa Sumida-Ku, Tokyo, Japan, 130-0003

12 min walking distance from Oshiage Station
(Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line/ Toei Asakusa Line/ Keisei Line/ Tobu Skytree Line/)

10 min walking distance from Honjoazumabashi Station
(Toei Asakusa Line)