Launch of "3 min GO! for rent" service demonstration utilizing Center of Garage with Naturanix Inc.

Electric bikes equipped with a quick-charging battery module and a quick-charging battery station


Glocalink Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Sumida-ku, Tokyo; Yoshinobu Osaka, CEO; hereinafter ‘Glocalink’) and, Naturanix Co., Ltd. (headquartered: Sumida-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yasuki Kanazawa; hereinafter “Naturanix”) have started a “3 min GO! for rent” service using COG.


Naturanix is developing a “quick-charging battery module” (*) that can be installed on electric bikes and a “quick-charging station” that can amplify the output of electricity.

(*) The battery management system circuits that manage and shut down the battery, which can input and output a large amount of power through rapid charging, in a lightweight and safe manner, are equipped with the vehicle communication standard CAN, which is resistant to noise and encryption.


Now, in preparation for the implementation of “3 min GO! for rent,” a new service for renting “electric bikes” that can be fully charged in as little as three minutes, Naturanix has started a demonstration project in Sumida Ward, centering on COG. For about six months from April to September 2022, “charging stations” will be installed at COG and Oshiage Station. The project will test the he battery performance of the electric bikes and the installation intervals of the charging stations. .


Glocalink will provide support to Naturanix in a variety of ways, including assisting in the formulation of the plan, providing locations and other environmental arrangements, calling for cooperation in the demonstration, and providing feedback on the demonstration.


As a social implementation center for R&D venture companies, COG will continue to build an environment for the implementation of startup technology and collaboration between companies to create a place where technology that is implemented in society can be realized from COG.



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