Seminar for R&D Ventures: "Internal Management and Governance Structure, Cane to avoid falling

Glocalink Co., Ltd. will hold a seminar for R&D ventures on April 6, 2022, jointly with Leave a Nest, Co. Ltd. and and Real Tech Holdings Co.,Ltd., , entitled “Internal Management and Governance Structures that should be established step-by-step from now before you fall behind”.

R&D venture companies need to establish an internal management system in accordance with their growth phase. In addition, when considering an IPO (Initial Public Offering), the governance system must be established in stages starting three years prior to the IPO. A system that can be checked by an external (audit firm) is also required.

What should the internal management and governance structure be? What kind of personnel should be hired, and what should be done now to avoid becoming an “audit refugee” in preparation for an IPO?

In this seminar, Mr. Yasuji Edogawa, who has extensive experience in supporting IPOs of R&D venture companies, Mr. Sou Yanbe of Real Tech Holdings Co.,Ltd., and Mr. Yoshinobu Osaka of Glocalink Co., will be invited as speakers to discuss the key points in establishing internal control and governance systems.